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Alexanian's easy to use Room Visualizer

See Our Rugs in Your Room Instantly

Trying to visualize a new rug in your home is hard, until now. Alexanian's has a fun and powerful tool that allows you to upload a photo of a room from your home, and instantly add any of our rugs and see how it looks. We put you in the designers seat. Just take a digital photo with a camera or cell phone and have it ready on your preferred device. The result is almost magical. (See our photo tips below)

The visualizer will help you shop with confidence.


It's Easy

Dive in and try it right now HERE with a typical rug. Look for the blue "SEE THIS RUG IN MY ROOM" button.

FAQ reference for the Visualizer >>

How it works into the shopping experience

1. Use our handy search tool to narrow down your preferences for style, colour etc.
2. Navigate the search results to a rug that interests you, click it and view the details and choose a size.
3. Click the "SEE THIS RUG IN MY ROOM" button to enter the visualizer where you can upload your room photo and instantly see the rug in your own home or one of the 3 generic room style options. You can change sizes and position the rug how you like. The visualizer will replace an existing rug or even place one over broadloom.


A few photo tips to help you visualize

Use a cell phone or digital camera. Mainly try and get a well lit exposure. If you tidy up a little the results will be better, and make it easier for you to get the best impression without distractions.


You will see great results like this:


Visualizer FAQ

Can I share my results?
Absolutely. Go to the menu and press Share / Save. You can share the URL link in the box or use the social media button below it.

Can I save the picture?
We support saving images on compatible devices. To save, go to the menu and press Share / Save, then Save Image. This feature will not appear on unsupported devices, in which case you can simply save or share the URL link on that screen instead.

Are the rugs to scale?
Yes. It is a very close approximtion, but you should always measure your room before making a final size choice. You can also consult our tips for selecting the right size rug for your room.

Can I change the size of the rug I am seeing?
Yes. Go to the menu and press Change Size.

Can I use the room visualizer on my phone?
Yes. The visualizer works on all major platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop.

I don’t see the “See this rug in my room” button. What’s wrong?
Your browser or device may not support this feature. Try using a different browser or a different device.

How can I narrow down my search inside the visualizer?
Go to Change Product and press “Search/filter”. Then select your desired filter and press Save.

I found my dream rug. Now what?
Great! Go to the menu and press View Details, which will take you to that rug’s product page. From there, you can add the rug to your cart and check out, or visit one of our stores with your choice.

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Choosing the right size rug

A few tips about selecting the right size rug for your room. Decorator

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