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Area Rug Decorating With Shelley Alexanian

Try a new look, try a new rug. View these before & after room settings.

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Flooring is an important part of any room's decor. The careful choice of flooring can greatly add to the beauty and overall design character of a room. The final flooring choice can be very individual and subjective.

The results can be dramatic!

In the case below the customer replaced the existing berber carpet in their family room with Mannington engineered hardwood: Hampton Hickory Plank-English Leather and a Jaipur Speciale Zeiglar 10 x 14 oriental rug.

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Before (L) and after (R)

Try making a seasonal adjustment to your home for a new look!

In the case pictured below a jute rug was switched for an oriental rug (Jaipur Speciale 981), for a warmer look for the winter. Removing the slip covers and changing the artwork and flowers completes the transformation.
summer rug winter rug
Spring summer look (L) and Fall winter look (R) Because of the vast number of flooring options available these days, it can be a daunting task to make the right choice for your particular needs. That's why going to a full service specialty store like Alexanian's makes great sense. Alexanian's trained staff of flooring experts will introduce you to all the flooring options, and probably show you a few that you've never heard or thought of. With this in mind we offer the following very general decorating tips. Flexible, functional and fashionable are a few key things to think about. One useful way to approach the flooring element in a room, is to look at the floor as a common denominator that unites the other design elements in a room. Once you have decided on a flooring category such as wood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic, wood etc., consider the colour, design and texture.


Colour is very important towards the final look and atmosphere of a room. Dark colours for example will make a large room more cozy. Light colours can make a smaller room feel larger. Sometimes rooms with a darker northern or eastern exposure can benefit from warm colours. On the other hand cool colours like greens and blues will soothe a hot southern and western exposure. Neutral tones will let your furnishings stand out.


Texture can also dramatically affect a room. Course textures for example, are quite versatile and can be used to coordinate with country, eclectic or even contemporary furnishings. Smooth or velvety textures suggest an elegance and luxury.


Design may be the most subjective flooring element. There are textural design elements in many types of floors. For oriental and area rugs the design is a key element and one can wait many years before that unique piece appears that is perfect for your home. There are also many new pattern lines of broadloom carpet available. There are also lots of design options in vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring. Stop by one of Alexanian's stores for a look at all the great flooring design possibilities. Alexanian's would love to help you decorate your home!

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