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Vinyl Flooring Information

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Sophisticated manufacturing techniques are now used to make vinyl flooring. Manufacturers can create extremely realistic looking, often three dimensional patterns, that rival the look of natural materials such as ceramic and slate. Most vinyl flooring utilizes a top wearlayer, resulting in a very tough and easy to clean floor surface.

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DuraCeramic Luxury Vinyl Tile

DuraCeramic is a popular alternative to tile. It's a high performance floor tile with the look of a ceramic tile floor, but with the carefree qualities of a resilient floor. DuraCeramic is warmer to the touch, more comfortable underfoot, faster and easier to install than traditional ceramic tile. Check it out in our stores

Vinyl Floor Construction

There are basically two vinyl construction types:
1. Inlaid construction with solid coloured vinyl chips.
2. Rotogravure construction which involves a printing process to achieve the design.


Most vinyl flooring is constructed with a durable top wearlayer. The thickness of the wearlayer will vary with each vinyl style, and is generally measured in mils of thickness. More expensive vinyl floors usually have thicker wearlayers.

The quality of the wearlayer contributes to:
1. Ease of cleaning
2. The floors ability to withstand abrasion
3. The floors resistance to staining
4. The life expectancy and appearance retention of a floor

Each manufacturer has their own specially formulated wearlayer. Generally, urethanes are the most popular. Urethane type wearlayers are found on higher quality vinyl floors. Some manufacturers apply a special coating on the top urethane surface to improve stain resistance.

Lower priced vinyl floors often have a PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) wearlayer, which protects the underlying pattern from being damaged by wear. These floors may stain easier and be harder to clean.


Alexanian’s trained professional installers make sure your vinyl flooring is installed correctly. This ensures your total satisfaction and the best performance from your floor.

Care Tips

Vinyl flooring should be swept or damp mopped as required. Any spills should be damp mopped immediately. Ground-in dirt should also be damp mopped and if necessary an appropriate mild cleaning solution can be used. Do not use soap, it can leave a film that will make the floor appear dull. Consult the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations.

For detailed care and maintenance tips visit our vinyl care page.

Vinyl Flooring terms:


An installation method that connects engineered tiles or boards to each other without the need for glue on the edges or ends. The pieces lock together via a tongue-and-groove system. Interlocking floors float over the subfloor.


Typically refers to sheet or tile vinyl flooring. Resilient is a firm type of floor but, gives a little when it is walked on.

Heat welding

A process for sealing seams for commercial linoleum floors and some commercial vinyl sheet floors. Heat welding requires skilled professionals who use specialized tools.

Full Spread Adhesive

An installation system for linoleum, felt-backed vinyl sheet products, and luxury vinyl tile in which adhesive is spread across the entire substrate before it is placed down for installation.

Vinyl Tile

Resilient flooring available in flat pieces usually measuring 12 x 12 which can be installed as individual units.


A smooth surface used beneath floor covering, such as concrete, underlayment, or existing resilient flooring.


The portion of a floor covering that contains or protects the pattern effect.

Below Grade

Below ground level, partially or completely below the surrounding ground level and in direct contact with the ground or with fill which is in direct contact with the ground.

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Vinyl Decorating With Shelley Alexanian

Vinyl flooring has really changed over the years. It's beautiful, affordable, flexible and comes in a wide variety of styles. Read on. Plus see more of my favourite vinyl floors and decorating videos.

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