FAQ – General

1. Are prices the same on the website as they are in the stores?

All prices listed are in CAD and are the same in-store and online.

2. When will I receive my online purchase?

You can expect your delivery within 4-10 business days. If the product is out of stock you will be notified within 1 business day with an estimated delivery date and the option to either cancel or change your order.

3. How do I return a product I purchased through your online store?

Notify us by email at: estore@alexanian.com with your order number and indicate that you would like to make a return. Visit our Return & Refund Policy Page for more detail, or call 1-866-878-2525 Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST.

4. I have a problem with a purchase from your online store.

Email us at: estore@alexanian.com or call 1-866-878-2525 Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST.

5. Do you offer free shipping from your online store?

Yes, we offer free shipping online for area rug orders. Please note, some oversize rugs or delivery to remote areas may not qualify for free shipping. Check our Shipping Information Page for more detail, or call 1-866-878-2525 Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST.

6. Why does my product look slightly different in person than on the website?

We make a strong effort to ensure that the information and images we display on our website are as accurate as possible. There can be variation in the colours displayed between computer monitors and screens. Also, small colour variances may occur over time; dye lots can shift on a rug. There may be small variations in rug dimensions as well; the variation can be as much as 5 percent. These are normal and are not considered defects. If you have any questions or concerns, call 1-866-878-2525 Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST.

7. How long is your sale on for?

There are varying timelines with each of our sales, please check with your local sales professional to confirm how long the sale is on for regarding a specific promotion.

8. If I purchase multiple flooring/window covering from you, do I get a discount?

Yes, at Alexanian, we like to handle “entire home floor and window covering” which means that the more you buy, the more you will save as you will be issued a “package flooring price”

9. Do you guys provide free in-home estimates?

Yes, we certainly can provide free estimates. 

10. Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer a variety of fantastic financing options and often have promotional rates that we offer periodically throughout the year. 

11. Can you order a larger sample for me?

AIl depends on the flooring type but the majority of the time, we are able to order in larger samples.

12. How long is the warranty on my product?

Each product has a different warranty associated with it. Please check with your Sales Professional to confirm the details of your specific flooring warranty.

13. How do I make a claim on the warranty in future if needed?

Please contact your Sales Professional and they start the process of filing the claim within 24 hours.

14. I have a quote from another flooring store, will you match or beat the price?

At Alexanian, we can promise that we are priced very effectively, and we have a range of products that fit each budget. If you find a lower price, we’ll beat it by 5%! View Price Match Policy Details Page to learn more.

15. Where are your products from?

We carry products that are sourced locally, some from the USA as well as some specific products sourced from overseas. Alexanian stands behind each and every product we carry regardless of where it is produced.

16. Do different Alexanian locations have different prices?

Our material costs are the same throughout the Alexanian chain. However, our labour rates can vary slightly from region to region depending on the “market rate” for installers within a certain region.

17. Are there any hidden costs?

No, at Alexanian, we pride ourselves on giving you a full, accurate and complete quote early on in the process. We don’t add on or levy additional fees later in the process unless there has been a fundamental requested change to the order.

18. If I have any issues with my project, who do I call?

Always call or email your sales professional first and he/she will immediately tend to the issue at hand and notify the needed parties if applicable.  

19. Is Alexanian still family owned and operated?

Yes, we are still proudly owned and operate by the Alexanian family since 1925. The family runs 4 generations deep within the company at the present time.

20. What makes you guys better than the competition?

We are a family run business that has been in Ontario for nearly 95 years and customer satisfaction means the world to us. We carefully select our suppliers, installers and staff to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience that they can.

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