Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor flooring is a great option when you want to add colour, texture, and interest to your patio, porch, deck, or other outdoor space. Rugs, carpeting, and other flooring options that are designed for outdoor use have a wealth of helpful features such as sun and rain resistance and easy maintenance. Shop Alexanian for beautiful, easy-to-clean flooring that’s perfect for your poolside seating area, outdoor kitchen, condo balcony, backyard gazebo, and more. 

Outdoor Flooring Options at Alexanian 

We carry a wide variety of outdoor flooring products at Alexanian, so you can easily dress up your porch, patio, or deck. We have durable woven rugs that can stand up to high traffic, dirt, and sun. We offer materials like olefin/polypropylene and polyester that are ideal for rugs and carpets in outdoor spaces. Explore everything from simple solids to intricate and intriguing patterns. Our outdoor flooring products include something to suit any style. 


Outdoor carpeting is a great addition to your home decor when you want your outdoor living areas to offer the same appeal and functionality that you enjoy inside the house. Alexanian offers a full range of outdoor carpet products to help you enhance your patio, deck, porch, gazebo, or other outdoor areas. Explore our outdoor carpet options to find the ideal accessories to complete the living spaces you enjoy outdoors.  We offer outdoor carpet in made-to-order sizes so you can add custom decor to your area. You can choose from a whole rainbow of colours including pumpkin, azure, maize, and aspen. If you prefer a more neutral look, consider shades like chocolate or natural. These carpets will add ample coverage to porches, patios, gazebos, and other outdoor areas where you want a little more luxury under your feet.

Area Rugs

Outdoor area rugs are a handy option for covering specific spaces outside. These add the same decorative appeal that an indoor area rug can offer while maintaining the kind of strength that you need outdoors. We have rugs that are reversible, preshrunk, colourfast, and resistant to water, mould, and mildew. These will stand up well to the elements while creating a cozy and welcoming feeling in your outdoor areas. 


Outdoor flooring is a great option when you want to add colour, texture, and interest to your patio, porch, deck, or other outdoor space. The right outdoor flooring can transform your exterior spaces. You can turn a drab deck into a colorful escape with tropical undertones or create a sense of opulence in the seating area beside your gourmet outdoor kitchen. 

Why Invest in Outdoor Flooring 

Outdoor flooring offers a wealth of benefits for your space, whether you want to add this element around your pool, outdoor kitchen, outdoor stage, or patio seating area. You can use well-chosen carpeting options from Alexanian to: 

  • Protect your deck, porch, or other types of outdoor flooring from the elements, wear, and tear. 
  • Add colour and design to your outdoor space. 
  • Cover up damage on your porch, patio, or other space. 
  • Collect dirt and dust before it enters your home. 
  • Clearly define seating areas, dining areas, or other dedicated spaces outdoors. 

Types of Outdoor Floroing from Alexanian 

Adding outdoor flooring, carpet, area rugs or runners are all functional options for you to consider when you’re shopping Alexanian. We carry several different types of outdoor flooring products from leading brands in the industry such as Stanton, Shaw, Decorative Concepts and more.

Our outdoor flooring selection are designed for mold and mildew resistance. These products also stand up to heavy traffic and sunlight. Review the care details for each rug for more specific information on how to best handle and maintain these products when used outdoors. 

Flooring Colour and Pattern Selection 

The colour and pattern you choose will have a big impact on how your outdoor flooring makes a space feel. We carry a wide range of choices so you can find the look that best suits your personality. Consider sleek stripes and fringed edging for a nautical look. Try a distressed carpet or rug pattern for an elegant outdoor area, such as the seating space beside your luxurious outdoor theater. A simple woven beige rug is ideal when you want sophistication and simplicity outside. Bright colours will add a lively, festive feeling to your outdoor area. 


Alexanian makes it easy to shop at home for outdoor flooring. You can safely stay in the comfort of your own home while you shop our extensive line of flooring and rugs. It’s easier than ever to start upgrading your space. Get shopping for your outdoor space now! 

Custom Carpet into Area Rug

We’re able to create rugs of any size and style, including custom border rugs, inset rugs, carved rugs, and logo rugs. Whether you are looking for custom outdoor rugs, custom area rugs for your own home, or the perfect gift, Alexanian’s custom styles will elevate any setting. 

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Virtual Showroom Tour

We’re committed to providing our valued customers with access to our wide variety of products and services — no matter their location. If you can’t step foot in our store, consider booking a virtual tour! No matter how you decide to browse our inventory, you’re guaranteed a quality shopping experience thanks to our friendly staff and extensive product catalog.