Area Rug Repairs

No matter how hard you try or how cautious you are, mistakes are inevitable. That new rug you just bought may fall victim to a tear due to foot traffic, or your new puppy may have dug a hole in your carpet. Don’t fret, though – this is where Alexanian’s experts come in! We have staff of carpet and rug repair experts that will machine, hand fringe, hand bind, serge and even reweave your carpet or rug back to its original condition.  The results of a fine rug or carpet repair are astounding! 
Minor damage to your rug or carpet will often become a major repair problem if left unattended. For the best results, rug repairs should not be delayed. Alexanian’s master craftsmen will re-weave, re-knot and re-fringe your rug back into shape and prevent further damage. Even if you’re in need of a carpet hole repair or carpet burn repair, we’ll have you taken care of.

How Do You Know It’s Time for Professional Repair Services?  

Minor damage to your rug will often become a major problem if it’s left unattended, so you shouldn’t wait to get repairs for your rugs. Here are some signs your carpet could need repair.  

  • Stains: Some stains can become large over time, and they’re often hard to remove on your own. 
  • Wear: Your rug could have thin spots, fraying, or holes. 
  • Bad smells: Excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew, creating unpleasant musty odours in your home. You’ll need to have your rug cleaned as soon as possible to keep the smell from spreading. 
  • Allergies or asthma: Mold, dirt, dust, and other contaminants in your rugs can cause allergy or asthma symptoms such as sneezing, runny noses, sore throats, coughing, rashes, or eye irritation. 
  • Old padding: The padding under your rug can become flattened, uneven, or wrinkled over time. 
  • An old rug: Most rugs last for about 10 years. After that, you may need to get fading, wear, or other problems repaired. 

Types of Rug Repairs  

Here are some of the most popular types of rug repairs available: 

  • Refringing: The fringe or tassels on hand-woven rugs support other fibres, so they’re not just decoration. Normal wear can cause fringes to tear, come untied, or wear away, threatening the integrity and value of your entire rug. 
  • Reserging: During construction, the sides of many Oriental rugs are fastened or serged with a thread made of cotton, wool, or synthetic fibres. Serging protects the rug’s edges and keeps them from unravelling. It also provides a clean, finished appearance. Threads are selected carefully for colour and type, and then they’re woven into the edges of the rug by machine or by hand. The new threading keeps the knots from unravelling and preserves the rug’s foundation. 
  • Rebinding: Binding is similar to serging, but it uses thin pieces of fabric instead of thread or yarn. 
  • Patching holes: You can have small holes from punctures, moth damage, or wear patched by an expert. 
  • Reweaving: Small holes and other damage can become more severe over time. If you have a big hole in your rug or other serious issues, you may need to have that section rewoven. This delicate process requires skilled professionals, but it’s the best way to return a rug to pristine condition. The damaged areas are deconstructed, and then a new foundation gets sewn in their place. 

Why Use Alexanian’s Services?  

If your favourite rug has seen better days and you need rug repair in Toronto, contact the experts at Alexanian to help you return your carpet to its original condition. Even if the damage looks irreparable, we can make your rug look great. We have decades of experience, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers.  



The Miracle Repair

Below is an example of one of our most dramatic oriental rug repairs.  This Tabriz rug was thought to be a total loss by the owner. The image shows a hole that was a result of dry rot damage from a potted plant and was being taken to the dump. Alexanian’s oriental rug repair expert weavers stepped in and pulled off this dramatic repair to the gorgeous handmade rug.  Our in-house weavers repaired the hole and transformed the rug.  Contact us and see if we are able to help you before making a final decision to replace your rug.