FAQ – Carpet

1. Is carpet bad for my allergies?

Carpets dense fiber construction has the ability to trap and retain airborne, allergens, small particles and fumes keeping these contaminants and allergens out of the air you breathe.

2. Will you be able to see the seam in the carpet after install?

There are no invisible seams when it comes to carpet installations, however, are installers are trained to makes the seams as less visible as possible.

3. I don’t like to see footprints in my carpet, what type of carpet should I purchase? 

Although there are no carpets that are completely trackless, Berber or looped carpets will show much less foot traffic than plush carpets. 

4. What type of carpet is pet friendly?

A synthetic carpet that has built in stain resistance and a lifetime warranty against pet damage is your best choice. View our Pet-friendly Carpet Buying Guide for more detail.

5. How long does it take for that new carpet smell to subside?

Each new carpet that is installed will have a “new carpet smell” that will accompany it. It generally takes about 3 days for the new smell to subside. 

6. Can I use my old underpad with my new carpet purchase?

No, unfortunately, for a carpet installation to be warranted by the carpet supplier, new underpad must be used. Thus, Alexanian will not install a carpet without a pad and void a warranty for our customer.

7. If I have any issues with my project, who do I call?

Always call or email your sales professional first and he/she will immediately tend to the issue at hand and notify the needed parties if applicable.  

8. How often do I need to steam clean my carpet?

You need to steam clean your carpet every 18 months (as per industry standards) in order to validate the warranty on your carpet.

9. Do you provide carpet cleaning services?

Yes, Alexanian has a fantastic carpert cleaning service. Learn more.

10. How do I book my carpet cleaning service in the future?

The service can easily be booked by calling our cleaning services department at 1-888-300-8889.