Pet Perfect Carpet

Featuring ANSO® High-Performance Carpet

The Pet Perfect Promise


Have the certainty of cleanliness and longlasting beauty with ultra-durable Pet Perfect™. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, this high-performance carpet is designed for the ultimate in easy care.

True innovation is the sum of all its parts. Pet Perfect™ has the innovation you + your pet will love, here’s why:

Dog on carpeted stairs

What Makes Pet Perfect, Perfect?

We put ANSO® High-Performance Carpet to the test to prove it is designed for durability. Even after years of spills, messes, pet accidents and mishaps – this carpet will look as good as it does on day one.

Stain protection
Innovated for total surface protection against stubborn stains, Pet Perfect is designed for ultimate resistance to staining, fading and bleach.
• Built-in stain protection
• Advanced fade and bleach resistance

Easy cleaning
Pet Perfect’s innovative fi ber easily releases pet hair duringvacuuming for quick and easy clean-up.

Pet Perfect’s 20-year warranty covers all pet stains, giving you peace of mind. Pet Perfect+ styles with LifeGuard® Spill-Proof™ Technology come with a 25-year warranty covering all pet stains.