Alexanian’s Window Coverings Buying Guide

Window Coverings Features

While it’s easy to think of window coverings as merely decorative, the truth is that they also serve a functional purpose. Depending on the type you choose, you could enjoy lower energy bills, enhanced sound protection and more. Alexanian can help you select the best window covering features for your needs and preferences. To demonstrate some of the biggest benefits available in window coverings today, here’s a look at a few highlights:


Energy Efficient

All windows have a major impact on how much cold or hot air enters a room — and so do their window coverings. With energy-efficient window coverings, you can improve window insulation year-round. One great example of this would be honeycomb/cellular shades, which add what is essentially a layer of protection to your windows. Roman shades are another possibility, providing a smaller but still significant efficiency boost.


Motorized window treatments offer the ultimate in convenience. Rather than forcing you to manually open or close a covering, they allow you to adjust coverings with the simple touch of a remote. This not only makes a home more high-tech and modern, but it also improves accessibility and offers a great solution for hard-to-reach window areas. Motorized coverings are available in a wide range of styles and designs.

Noise Reducing

In addition to being decorative and privacy-enhancing, some window coverings offer a level of sound protection for a room. Depending on how much of a sound barrier you want, there are a variety of options. Generally, the thicker the fabric, the better the noise reduction. Some good examples of window treatments that can help dampen noise are Roman shades or cellular/honeycomb shades, which insulate and protect against external sounds.


Today’s world of window treatments also includes a variety of designs made from eco-friendly materials. Woven wood or bamboo shades, for example, feature a natural material that is known to be faster to decompose and overall better for the environment than products made from synthetic materials. Other possibilities include coverings made from recycled aluminum or those that are energy-efficient, thereby reducing your home’s energy consumption.

Child Safety

For homeowners with children, safety-conscious window treatments offer peace of mind. Cordless designs are excellent because they eliminate the possibility of a child grabbing and being injured by cords.

Glass Door Window Coverings

Whether you have French doors between rooms or sliding glass doors to a backyard patio, there are a lot of possibilities for window treatments. You could use vertical blinds designed for tall windows, or traditional blinds or shades sized to your door. We recommend faux wood blinds, honeycomb shades or sheer shades. The key is deciding how much privacy and UV blocking you desire, as well as what look you like best for your room.