Window Coverings Buying Guide

How to Choose Window Coverings

The right window treatments elevate any room. Available in everything from modern to traditional, well-chosen window coverings dramatically change the look and feel of a space. They can also create privacy, block UV rays, and enhance a home’s overall efficiency.

Wondering how to choose window treatments from among the many possibilities? This shutter, shade, and blind buying guide can help.

Shop by Room

One key for how to choose blinds, shades or sheers for a space is to consider where you’ll be using them. Here are Alexanian’s suggestions, organized by room, to help you pick the perfect window coverings:


Start by assessing your lifestyle and sleeping habits. Blackout shades let you sleep in total darkness, while solar shades block UV rays while still letting in natural daylight. Both options block the glare from windows on a TV. Additionally, honeycomb shades, which are available in a blackout version, are great for adding efficiency because they naturally preserve heat in winter and cool air in summer.

Living Room

You may use this room as an entertainment area to watch TV, read, gather with and family friends, and more. How you use yours can guide you in selecting window treatments. Cellular shades can improve efficiency. Roman shades give a luxurious feel and offer light-filtering or room-darkening possibilities. Solar shades offer UV protection for you and your furniture. Wood blinds look good with almost any decor.


Water damage is a concern here. Bathroom window coverings should be resilient to steam, splashes, and humidity. Good choices include faux wood blinds, faux wood shutters, or Roman shades.


Windows near the sink may get splashed with water, which could damage coverings made of real wood. Water-resistant options such as faux wood blinds or solar shades are better choices. In kitchens with limited windows, maximize available natural light with a covering that still lets light inside, such as sheer shades. If kitchen windows face the street or nearby neighbours, consider buying window treatments for privacy.

Shop by Type


Timeless, versatile and durable, blinds come in a variety of styles and colours. Whether you opt for wood blinds, metal, faux wood, or another type, these coverings let you adjust lighting, as desired.


This type is operable via corded or cordless lift systems. From the UV protection of cellular shades to the opulent feel of Roman shades, each type is made to provide the perfect finishing touch to a room. Whether you’re seeking roller shade styles, woven wood shades, or anything in between, there are countless possibilities.


Shutters can be an elegant version of blinds that are also durable. Available in vinyl, composite, or wood, they are ideal for blocking light while still letting in fresh air and complementing your decor.

How to Measure

The first step when measuring for new window coverings is to determine what type of coverings you will be using and where the coverings will go. Will you be placing them inside or outside the casing?

We have professionals waiting to help you measure your windows and install the right window coverings. Contact us at 1-866-878-2525 or book a Shop-at-Home appointment.


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